Apply for the Sunshine 8 project 2018

Apply for the Sunshine8 project which is a project based on SDG number 4, and Quality Education. Numerous events are being done in this project include Teaching, Giving is Caring, and Sunshine Education Festival. This project runs from the middle of January until the end of February under one big theme is Love. The organizers assume that love is a primary solution for difficulties arising in this world.


  • Experience new culture
  • Make your impact
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Education with kids experience in Teaching and Social project


  • Be  the age of 30 or under before joining the project
  • MUST Available to join the project during six weeks (6 Weeks)

Application Deadline: December 30, 2017

For Info:
Visit this Official Webpage


I am the Co-Founder of Opportunity Plate. I am passionate about education and technology.Helping people especially youth across the globe to achieve their dreams is what I stand for.

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